All documentation, descriptions and goals are subject to change.

What is Apicalypse?

Apicalypse is a get-only query language used to GET data from simple REST API’s.

Why should I use Apicalypse?

  • Very low learning curve. Apicalypse is super simple for you or your API users to learn.
  • Easy to install on the server-side. Apicalypse has an ANTLR configuration file to make server-side implementations easier.
  • Wrapper ready. Apicalypse can easily be wrapped in small libraries in any language.
  • Caching friendly. Apicalypse can be sent to traditional REST paths rather than a single path.

When should I use Apicalypse

  • If you or your API users are finding query string parameters too limiting.
  • If you find other query languages too cumbersome or overkill for your API.